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Origgin matches the real business challenges faced by solution seekers and solution providers.

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Commercializing Deep Technologies

Origgin’s Venture Co-Creation model turns deep technologies conceptualized in research labs into commercially viable solutions.

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With the vision of becoming the “starter of dreams”, Origgin strives to build a solid ecosystem for new entrants to the Tech start-up market, and helping them achieve success. Through the Venture Co-Creation (VCC®) process, we spin off deep-tech research projects, guide them to initial success and create value for our stakeholders.

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Deep-Tech Seekers.

If you are a corporate, SME, or company looking for a deep-tech solution, register your needs on our Venture Co-creation (VCC®) Platform.

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Deep-Tech Providers.

If you are a Researcher, PhD, Scientist with academic research that has potential for commercialization, register your Deep-Tech solution on our Venture Co-creation (VCC®) Platform.

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Reasons why you should be part of the VCC® Ecosystem


1. We help startups to commercialize.

From formulation of the team to the development of the business plan, Origgin will assist in setting the vision for your company.

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VCC® Companies

Our goal is to enable the growth of exciting businesses that are ready to embark on the journey of success.

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Enterprise Partners

Origgin works closely with enterprise partners and leading research institutes, we aim to discover new opportunities for growth by innovation, inspired by deep technology development and business needs.

  • Enterprise Singapore
  • IMDA
  • ACE Singapore
  • Singapore Nanjing Eco Hi-Tech Island
  • ASTAR Accelerate
  • NUS
  • NTU
  • SUTD
  • ICMG
  • PRIME N Partners
  • Greenway Grid Global
  • MUFG
  • Leave a Nest
  • CHUBU Electric Power
  • Smiling Gecko
  • GERMI8
  • Real Tech Fund
  • IWNC
  • Vantage Point

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