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Origgin’s goal is to enable the growth of exciting businesses that are ready to embark on the journey of success. Our aim is to be viewed as the “starter of dreams” by building a solid ecosystem for new entrants to the Tech start-up market, and helping them achieve success.

Through the Venture Co-Creation (VCC®) process, we create start-ups rapidly, guide them to initial success and create value for our stakeholders. Doing so allow us to create lucrative businesses from a near-inception stage, and reap the benefits of those investments in their high-growth stages.

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We are committed to realizing innovations from deep technology research towards meaningful social and corporate solutions.



Remaining versatile and tailoring our approach to best cater to the different needs of businesses.



Embracing grit and dedication to strive towards the goal of long-term growth and co-creation success.



Innovating solutions to overcome hurdles from multiple perspectives and strategies.



Creating an ecosystem that encourages sustained innovation, allowing deep technology research to reach and improve the world quickly, easily and consistently.

Meet Our Team

Clarence Tan

Clarence TanFounder & Director

Lum Yi Chyi

Lum Yi ChyiVenture Creator

Joseph Teo

Joseph TeoVenture Creator

Gerald Toh

Gerald TohVenture Creator

Ng Wern Yih

Ng Wern YihChief Financial Officer

Meet Our Partners

Roger Yeo

Roger YeoPartner

Gavin Gui

Gavin GuiPartner

Lim Chye Seng

Lim Chye SengPartner

Robin Yao

Robin YaoPartner

Meet Our Advisors

Hitoshi Funahasi

Hitoshi FunahasiAdvisor

Simon Sun

Simon SunAdvisor

Christopher Yeo

Christopher YeoAdvisor

Edmas Neo

Edmas NeoAdvisor

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